When newly purchasing or selling property, you will need a home conveyancer to lawfully have the property move hands between owners. Whether it is agreeing to a mortgage rate or finishing the last stages of the process, conveyancing offers a service that essentially minimises your headaches when it comes to the resale and purchase of a property.

At our competitive rates, we offer conveyancing and other financial services that put your mind at ease.

Understanding the services included in Conveyancing

Conveyancing means the legal process that involves shifting of ownership of a property. As easy as it may sound, it can start to get more complicated and time-consuming. With our services, we ensure you never miss a form or a deadline and streamline the process for you.

In such cases, people also look into using the services of a solicitor instead of a conveyancer. While it may be useful to use a lawyer, a certified conveyancer has more experience dealing with the legalities of lease and home transfers, while the solicitor provides more generic advice. While a solicitor might have more legal advice, they deal with transfers on a random basis whereas conveyancers specialise in working out deals that specifically relate to property transfers.

Vantage Bay provides some of the best services in Melbourne when it comes to providing legal advice. We make sure start to finish you process is easy and seamless so you have minimum hassles during your transfers. The documents you will end up having to draft will have an abundance of intricacies to deal with. With the help of our expert conveyancers, you will be able to get a head start on all the things you will need to do before you get started on the legal transfer process.

Generally the process of conveyancing includes:

  • Pre-contract: Setting up and drafting contracts that will help facilitate the lease transfer
  • Pre-completion: Arranging meeting between the concerned parties to discuss terms and settlement dates and dues
  • Post-completion: Arranging legal requirements to finish the process for you

We pride ourselves in working with efficiency when it comes to getting your documents in check. Legal transfers might seem like a long drawn process when you are not working with people who have the right set of skills, and we just happen to make it easy.

Our competitive prices and impeccable service also provide an edge over other conveyancing services. We’re here to make sure you can get the best out of your transfer and minimise any issues during the transfer.