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At Vantage Bay, we specialise in offering expert advice to help you choose the best finance options for your business. With access to an extensive network of lenders, we are well-placed to offer exhaustive and reliable loan solutions. No matter the size of your business or your precise needs, we have solutions to suit every requirement. Talk to us today to know more.


Business Loans You Can Trust

Over the years we have succeeded in helping clients figure out the best finance options and have built a peerless reputation for excellence. We understand that getting an affordable and timely business loan can be a challenging task. We also know that a business loan that does not address the needs of your business can become a burden later. What sets us apart is our commitment to offering tailored solutions that take into account the precise needs of your business. With years of experience and a thorough understanding of the financial market, we can help you procure a loan that helps your business thrive.

Our business loan brokers aim at offering financing solutions that enable your business to make the most of growth opportunities. With our innovative and hassle-free finance solutions, we are here to help you get the right business loan. Whether you are planning to go for a business loan to open a new premise, grow your business or to invest in the latest technology, we can help you navigate through the best options. Even if you have a bad credit history, we will be happy to help you.

As experts in this arena, we can help you source the most appropriate finance. With solutions tailored to suit the specific needs of your business, we assure you of the best solutions to meet every need.

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When you require funds to operate your business, business loans are the ideal way to improve your business cash flow. With Business loans you are able to have several products which will help you assist your day to day business operation.

Our experienced finance brokers will be able to assist you in finding the best business loan option to suit your business needs and requirements. We are able to provide with various business loans so call us today!

Business loans are a great way to improve business growth and are tax deductible.

Business Overdraft Loans

Business Overdraft loans are perfect for businesses that require funds for running their business. You can have business overdraft loans either secured by property or unsecured. With secured Business overdraft loans you are not limited to the amount in which you can borrow.

Whereas with unsecured loans you would be limited to the amount in which you can borrow. Business overdraft loans are ideal for business that require cash flow or to fund unexpected business expenses.

Debtor Finance

Debtor finance is the ability to raise invoices and be paid by a lender to a certain percentage of the invoice raised. Debtor finance is usually a short term finance solution at great interest rates.

Debtor finance is verified by the lender to ensure that the invoice raised by your company is true and correct and is perfect for cash flow with high invoices raised as the lenders pay up to 90% of your invoice so you don’t have to wait to be paid by your clients.

Debtor finance can be arranged up to a 90 day period which allows you plenty of time to repay the invoiced amount once you have been paid by your clients.

Equipment Finance

Equipment finance is a great way to finance all business equipment you use within your business. Equipment finance is an ideal tax deductible way to finance your business equipment at competitive interest rate and you are able to claim the repayments.

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